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Sr No.Order No.Order DateOrder Subject
1 125/2017/965/89/व्या0शि0 pdf [478 KB] Language : Hindi 23/01/2020 12:11 Regarding re-organization of posts created in S.C.V.T. according to Uttar Pradesh Government Department Clerical Cadre Service Rules-2014
2 2015/168/89/व्या0शि0एवं कौ0वि0वि0-2015-2(9)/2013 pdf [456 KB] Language : Hindi 23/01/2020 12:08 Regarding creation of posts for operation of S.C.V.T., Uttar Pradesh
3 2028/89-व्या0शि0-2012-98(एम)/2010 pdf [401 KB] Language : Hindi 22/01/2020 18:20 Regarding speeding up the evaluation of answer sheet after examination of trainees examination of Government ITIs, organized by the council. |
4 1882/89-व्या0शि0-2011 pdf [191 KB] Language : Hindi 22/01/2020 18:17 Regarding implementation of central evaluation for ensuring punctuality and fairness in announcement of results of examinations of SCVT and NCVT